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One: Overview of Liaoxi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Sanlao, known as Liaoxi in ancient times, is located in a valley basin in Meijiao Town, Xingguo County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. It is an ancient village with a pattern that resembles the shape of a Tai Chi figure. It has more than 1,180 years of fengshui culture history.

Laoxi’s unique topographical structure is a treasure place for the creation of Fengshui culture. It is built in nature and uniquely endowed by nature. Therefore, it is deeply appreciated and loved by Yang Gong. The folks take root and sprout.

According to legend, in the last years of the Tang Dynasty, the Huang Chao Uprising broke through the capital, and the national teacher Yang Yunsong and his disciples Zeng Wenyuan and Liao Jinjing lived in Sanliao, Jiangxi, lived in the “Three Caolio”, arranged the palace Fengshui classics, and saved the world with Feng Shui, “Yang Jiu” The reputation of “poor” has been broadcast throughout the world and has been spread throughout the ages. Since then, Yang Gong’s Fengshui has been passed down from generation to generation in the Zeng and Liao families of Sanlao, Jiangxi. They memorized ancient books and learned family feng shui since they were young, and they are proud of the feng shui technique of Yang Gong. Therefore, the people of Sanlao Village all use the feng shui industry to make a living. Many large-scale feng shui masterpieces and treasures of yin and yang two houses have been left for the world. It is a long way from the ancient village of Liukeng, Ganzhou City, Xingguo County, the ancient tomb of the gods of Wu Niu Yinshui, the Forbidden City of Beijing, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Nine Towns of the Great Wall, the Ming Dynasty Tombs and other historical places, and the ancient ancestral hall of Sanliao Village And the ancient tombs, these classic Feng Shui cases of different sizes, different shapes, unique styles, and their own characteristics are all works by the three masters, Zeng Liao and the two masters, which vividly interpret Yang Gong’s Feng Shui and The true historical stories closely related to human life and work have also verified the scientific truths and magical effects of Yang Gong’s Fengshui. He sighed the mysteries of nature when he was thought-provoking.

Sanlao is the birthplace of Chinese Fengshui culture. It is famous for having 24 national teachers and 72 masters (36 of whom were entrusted by emperors of the previous dynasties as Qintian Supervisors). They are known as “the cradle of imperial Fengshui masters.” . After years of vicissitudes, the existing Fengshui cultural relics in Laoxi are basically intact. In 2005, Sanlao Village was awarded the title of “The First Village of Chinese Fengshui Geography and Culture” by the Chinese Book of Changes, and became famous all over the world.

Just as Mr. Zeng Xiantan (the father of Mr. Zeng Zhihan) from Sanliao Village said: “The things (feng shui techniques) of the old ancestors (Yang Zeng and Liao San Gong) have not been lost, and the hard truth (feng shui culture) is still there. The ancient ancestral hall of the village is in the ancient tombs of Yanggainao.” This is Yanggong Fengshui culture, it is Sanliao Yangzengliao Fengshui culture, and it is “Liaoxi culture.”

  1. Introduction of the company founder

Liaoxi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was founded by Zeng Zhihan in July 2018, and its address is located in the South Gate Group of Sanliao, Jiangxi.

Mr. Zeng Zhihan was born in the family of the Master of the Zeng clan of San Lao. He came from Lanxi Tang (also known as Hu Xing Ancestral Hall, General Ancestral Hall), one of the three famous temples of San Lao. Afterwards, he visited Master Zeng and Liao Mingshui again and again. He won the true feng shui of the Zeng and Liao families. He has been practicing in Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Hong Kong and other places for more than ten years. , Well received by Fudong, with excellent reputation and long-standing reputation.

Mr. Zeng Zhihan is a descendant of the contemporary master Zeng Zhaobing. He has a profound knowledge of Feng Shui, rich in Feng Shui calendars, deep and easy to learn, and extraordinary attainments. He is particularly good at using Feng Shui knowledge to flexibly plan modern Feng Shui layouts. He has countless examples of Feng Shui works, and the benefits are accurate. The experience is magical. He is the honorary dean of the Chinese Fengshui Culture Research Institute, the honorary dean of the Sanlao Fengshui Culture Research Institute, the stationmaster of the Fengshui Geography Hall of Yanggong, and the director of the organizing committee of the Fengshui Master Yanggong of the Sanliao. The rising star in the cultural world and the elites in the Fengshui circle of San Liao can be described as young and promising.

  1. The origin of the establishment of the company

Why set up Liaoxi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.?

Mr. Zeng Zhihan is enthusiastic about the culture of Yanggong Fengshui in traditional Chinese studies. He is very popular, has a compassionate temperament and is compassionate to others. He said: “My fathers often taught me that we should always do something beneficial to the world in life. We should put together the wisdom of the sages and apply them, and carry forward them.” So, he took “inheriting Yang Gong’s Fengshui and promoting the Chinese culture” as an example. Own responsibility. Based on this long-cherished wish, he deeply felt that his personal power was extremely limited, and it would be difficult for a person to work hard for a lifetime. In the spring of 2018, he and like-minded people began planning to establish Laoxi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

His original intention and purpose of establishing Laoxi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. have far-reaching social significance:

  1. Came into being and follow the trend.

In today’s prosperous China, the national policy calls on the descendants of Yan and Huang to fight for the realization of the Chinese dream of building a strong country, enriching the people, and prospering civilization, encouraging people to build dreams and seek truth, and gradually set off a Chinese cultural renaissance movement. Against the background of the rise of this powerful Chinese culture, and in this great cultural environment where a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend, Laoxi Fengshui culture is like a wonderful city among the thousand-year-old Chinese cultural trees, which will surely shine. Therefore, the establishment of Laoxi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. can be described as the right time, and it came into being, riding the wind and taking advantage of the trend.

  1. Set aside chaos and return to the source.

Since Tang and his party were ordered by the emperor to protect the country from the Japanese and barbarians and misinterpreted Feng Shui’s counterfeit scripts and handed down to the world, real people have escaped from the world, and the secrets have been hidden. Feng Shui superstition has been widely criticized and satirized for a long time. Nowadays, when the Feng Shui master is born, there are people with fame and fortune who use fakes to pretend to be real, pretend to be masters, speak lions, greedy for money, regardless of the life and death of others, and cause so many wives to disperse. Family disasters are uneasy. This trend is getting stronger and stronger, and the tragedy is cruel. Nowadays, the world of feng shui is full of smog. It is time to set things right, return to the roots, and restore the peace and unity of society.

Laoxi Fengshui culture is real gold, and real gold is naturally not afraid of fire.

  1. The preaching is predestined, and the karma is taught to resolve doubts.

The road has no roots, and the people who are not destined are not saved. Most people who practice Fengshui are born with wisdom, long-term fate, great aspirations and diligence, but unfortunately there are countless practitioners who have nowhere to go to learn from teachers, let alone go to the house, and even go astray, go wrong, and fall into a dead end. The realm of misunderstanding, can not extricate oneself, make people feel pity.

Because “the secrets of heaven cannot be revealed”, those who have obtained the great tactics often hide deeply, even if they are passed on from descendants to grandchildren, they are also taught by mouth. Chinese Fengshui culture has been passed down for thousands of years. Relatively speaking, there are very few people who have the true inheritance of Fengshui, and those who have achieved great success are even rarer.

If you choose people who are destined and virtuous, conduct feng shui training, teach classes, preach to solve puzzles, many people can become masters in the industry, and serve to create a happy life and a harmonious society, which has far-reaching significance. Provides a shortcut to the truth.

  1. Make good connections and serve the people’s livelihood.

Those who follow the sky live, those who go against the sky die. The sky here refers to the natural aura and the laws of motion in the universe. Just like the laws of universal gravitation, conservation of energy, and resonance with the same frequency, there are the laws of yin and yang transformation between heaven and earth, the law of tuning of the five elements, the law of causality, etc. in feng shui culture. The key is whether we will use it. True feng shui pays attention to both form and theory, and those who really know the essence of feng shui can use the three-talent layout of “the harmony of heaven, earth and man”, which plays a role in promoting good fortune and avoiding evil, avoiding the evil aura of feng shui, and exerting the aura of natural balance to nurture life. Isn’t it beautiful to conserve life, make people’s life a natural cause, and achieve the miraculous state of “wind and water rise”, and create a happy life and a harmonious society?

  1. Make meritorious deeds and become famous all over the world.

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Ancient Chinese masters and masters applied Feng Shui cultural truth, a unique skill of Chinese learning, to the world, often creating miracles in life, which makes people feel incredible. Nowadays, ancient Chinese teachers and masters of Feng Shui truth can be used to benefit the people and serve the society. How could it not be beneficial to the world? Laoxi Fengshui Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will be based on sincerity, strive for quality, and establish wonderful achievements.

Fourth, the purpose of the company

The purpose of Laoxi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.: “Promote Chinese traditional geomancy culture, and inherit Yanggong Fengshui from Sanliao, Jiangxi”.

Today, Fengshui has become an indispensable subject in disciplines such as time-space environment and architectural design. The Sanlao Fengshui culture promoted by our company is exactly the Fengshui culture that has been passed down from ancient times to Yanggong Fengshui. It is broad and profound. , It has both form and theory, infinite meaning and connotation. It is in harmony with the Zhouyi scriptures. It can be studied shallowly and deepened. As a member of Sanliao Village, we have never stopped researching and digging into it, in an attempt to keep improving.

On the basis of absorbing the nutrients of the feng shui studies of the ancestors and masters, we have already had a unique and insightful insight into the location of Yang Gong’s feng shui. With the rapid development of modern society, we will use scientific methods to apply them to practice.

In line with the purpose of inheriting, promoting and carrying forward the treasure of Chinese learning-Laoxi Fengshui culture, the company establishes an operating system in line with the development of the new era, and strives to introduce the traditional culture of Sanliao Yanggong Fengshui into modern architectural design concepts, and realize the traditional and The perfect combination of modernity will carry forward Yang Gong’s Fengshui culture and play a more practical role in society.

  1. Service content

The company will provide on-site selection, survey, mountain orientation and feng shui design and layout services for shops, companies, factories, office buildings, apartments, ancestral halls and other yin and yang houses, as well as feng shui course professors such as ridges, qi, and auspicious selection, as well as feng shui auspicious Service items such as the sale of supplies, and gradually enrich Feng Shui books and works, continue to enrich related content such as famous tomb appreciation, ancient temple research, etc., to provide customers with a first-class professional Feng Shui service platform. The service content is as follows:

  1. Feng Shui survey, layout, etc.
  2. Feng Shui Course
  3. Professional lecturer
  4. Feng Shui works
  5. Feng Shui Books

6, auspicious supplies

Six, service characteristics

  1. Honesty is the foundation and quality is the root. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we promise that the company will provide customers (those with corresponding needs) with “quick, thoughtful, Accurate and effective” professional technical services.
  2. Technical characteristics. We will respect local characteristics, based on the traditional master’s approach, add new Feng Shui elements in the fields of project planning and design, home decoration design, corporate layout planning and graphic advertising design, and inject people’s subjective ideas into the design to form a unified This brand-new Feng Shui design concept is no longer just the pursuit of the external requirements of the visual sense, and strives to make the client’s work and life more pleasant and pleasant.
  3. Keep pace with the times, be pragmatic and truth-seeking, based on bringing the gospel to the development of domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals, dedicated to promoting the prosperity and development of society and economy, and contributing to the creation of a harmonious society and a happy life.

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